Frequently Asked Questions

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What immediate benefits does the Blushield give me?

Most people experience increased energy levels, better sleep, less stress and an overall better sense of well being. Some people report aches and pains disappearing, this maybe due to the release of stress upon the body.

Can I adjust my environment so I don’t need a Blushield?

It is best to minimise the exposure you receive from EMF (electromagnetic fields) but it is almost impossible to avoid the effects from them. as they cannot be shielded effectively or removed from the environment. Reducing most strong influences from your workspace is a good thing, but the use of the Blushield will take care of you while using electrical equipment.

Can I eventually do without a Blushield?

If you are in an environment where you are exposed to EMF or geopathic stress, then your body has a physiological need for a Blushield. With long-term use of the Blushield you will find your body will become more resilient to the presence of EMF; but you will still notice a difference where there is relatively high EMF.

Where do I install the Blushield?

It’s best to Install the Blushield close to the people, instead of close to the electrical equipment. It is designed to effect the people not the equipment. All persons within the 15 metre sphere of influence will be protected from EMF. If installing in a house, plug the plug-in model in a hall or in a central part of the house. It is best not to plug it in your bedroom as this is too close to sleeping people.

Does the Blushield emit a sound?

No the Blushield is not emitting frequencies based on sound. It has no speaker or transducer. The Blushield emits a scalar field which is similar in nature to a cancelled magnetic field. This scalar field is generated by the microprocessor itself. The Blushield does not emit any kind of magnetic field or radio frequency so it is safe to use on airplanes and with pacemakers.

What are some of the features of the batteries?

1. High Energy Density
It is about 3 to 10 times more energy density than any other secondary battery. The energy density of Li/MnO2 battery is up to 370Wh/kg and above.
2.High and Stable Operating Voltage
CR Series >2.7V (OCV 3.0V)
3.Wide Operating Current Range
To ensure long service life, the cell operating current is merely at a few microamperes.
4.Wide Operating Temperature Range
For different cell types and under different operating current and applications, the operating temperature endures from -40℃ to +70℃.
5.Long Shelf Life
Very low self discharge characteristics in storage at 20℃ and dry environment, and yearly capacity loss of the CR series less than 1% .
6. Outstanding Service Life
Long operating life for some application based on different current.
7. Ultimate Safety
Primary lithium batteries are CE certificated, and meet UN transportation test requirement.
Hermetically glass to metal sealed.
Blast resistant construction to assure the safety.
Non-flammable electrolyte
8.Green Energy
These batteries series are free of heavy metal such as lead, cadmium or mercury, etc. All of the wastes are naturally degradable and no long-term pollution to environment.

Are these Lithium batteries safe?

The type of Lithium battery we use in our portable devices are non-rechargeable or dry primary battery that contains no lead, mercury or cadmium. These type of batteries deliver constant power for the longest time period and are more stable. hence the reason why we use them.
These dry lithium’s are also found in medical equipment used in pacemakers and other medical equipment.
Hermetically sealed and insulated contacts mean the contents are contained and there is no risk of fire or short circuit.
There is a myth going around about Lithium batteries and how toxic and dangerous they are. That by wearing them it can affect ones health. This is a total myth, it is impossible for the battery to have any negative affect on your health unless you swallowed one. Our batteries are a little hard to swallow considering the size.

What product offers the best protection?

The Tesla Gold Series offer the best protection and the longest battery life. Protection from high EMF emitted by smart phones, smart meters, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. If you are EHS then the Tesla Silver Series is for you. If you are not EHS and are exposed to high EMF then the Gold Series offers the ultimate protection.

What’s the difference between the portable and mini versions?

The difference between the Portable and mini versions are quite obvious, although some aspects are not so obvious so here are the differences.
Portables are bigger in size and have a switch, also the battery life is longer because the battery is bigger and of a higher value.
Minis do not have a switch are smaller in size and have a smaller battery, life of the battery is not as long as the portable but they do put out the same field as the portable and offer the same protection factor.

Will leaving my Blushield in the sun effect the performance?

Leaving your Blushield on the dash in the car or in a place where there is direct sunlight or alot of heat can reduce the life of the Lithium Batteries. Once hot the battery life expectancy will drop quite considerably. It is best to keep the Blushield in your pocket or in the glove compartment out of direct sunlight.

Is the Tesla range ok to use while I’m pregnant?

We have had reports from customers that their pregnancy and birth was a lot easier. Customers have also suggested that it was easier for them to conceive using the Blushield products and that the baby was stronger and healthier than previous siblings. The proof is in the pudding. Babies born into a Blushield environment who had some health issues seemed to do better than those who were in a normal environment.
If you are well into your pregnancy and you start using the products you may go through an adjustment period which may entail a mild detox. If you find you are getting tired or more nausea than normal you may wish to switch off the device and give your body a rest. Healthy individuals may not experience much of an adjustment period and can use the products with confidence. The frequencies from the Blushield are designed to enhance life therefore it cannot harm your developing foetus.
Disclaimer: Many things can go wrong with pregnancies that is why we don’t advocate the use of our products during that time. It is up to the individual using the products to make the best choice for them and their unborn child. We cannot be held responsible for anything going wrong during your pregnancy.

Do I need a Blushield at the Office, as well as at home?

We recommend the use of the Blushield plug-in at your office as well as at home. If you only have a plug-in at your office and not at home; its like going from a hot shower to a cold one, ultimately not good for your overall wellbeing. Secondly most workplaces have lots of electrical equipment which puts you and co-workers at risk. Most high radiation fields exist where the use of a computer and electrical equipment are combined. This is where the use of a Blushield is most valuable.

Does the Blushield block EMF?

Most untrained people would expect that the Blushield would block EMF. This is not how the Blushield functions. What the Blushield does is stop the body responding to EMF. If you wanted to get rid of the EMF you would have to turn the power off. This is why there is no change in the reading of an EMF meter when the Blushield is plugged in or the portable is on. Actually the EMF is neatralised at a cell level hence the need to take blood tests inorder to confirm this data.

How do I know that my Blushield is working?

If the Blushield is operational when the blue LED flashes on and off periodically. This is part of the function of Blushield. No it does not indicate the presence of EMF.

Is the Blushield the best way to counter EMR?

Since it is virtually impossible to isolate yourself from EMF, whether it be in your home, office or out in your car. The Blushield takes care of that for you. Your body will negate the effects from EMF by responding to the Blushield instead of the electrical equipment around you.

I cant feel anything, am I still protected from EMF?

The fact that some people are less sensitive than others does not mean that they are affected less or more than others. The Blushield as long as it is going within your vicinity, then you are protected. We took blood tests with various people to determine what happened to their overall health when they were exposed to the Blushield. Blood tests showed a marked decrease in oxidation and inflamation, this was a rather marked change dispite the subject not feeling any change, there was a significant change in the quality of his blood.

Will X ray machines at the airport damage my portable?

Your portable will not be damaged by X rays nor will any other signal from mobile phones affect the performance of your portable Blushield.

If you are going through customs and concerned about them asking you what it is, you can simply say ‘It reduces the effects of jet lag’.

I have been through numerous international and domestic airports without 1 query. Keep it in your carry on luggage bag, mostly no one will even ask you what it is, or pull you up for it. So no need to worry.

The Blushield will not interfere with the planes navigation either since the field is pure scalar. You will probably have the best sleep you ever had on any plane and arrive refreshed.

What should I buy first?

Most people are bound by budget or by the understanding that if I buy a portable I can be protected wherever I go. This is a misconception so we are spelling out the differences so you can make the right decision for you.
A portable is cheaper but it only protects 1 person, it also needs to be carried everywhere, not good if you want to roam around your house in your birthday suit. It is not good to use a portable when you sleep, if the portable is under your pillow it will make it hard to sleep if you are sensitive.
A plugin offers a larger area of protection so 1 plugin will protect everyone in the house all of the time. It does not need batteries and is cheap to run. It should last 10-20 years so a one off purchase is necessary. Yes it is a little more expensive than a portable but only 1 is needed in most houses. Remember portables are designed to be used outside your plugin protected area, and are useful for travelling. It makes good sense to invest in a plugin to start then think about portable protection later, unless you can afford a pack, save some money and get both.