Large Area Placement

The large area model or ‘The Cube’ offers the best protection within a school or large office. The cube has a 180 metre diameter field coverage (90m radius) so it should cover most schools and most offices. If the cube is not going to cover all of the area then multiple cubes maybe needed or a combination of cubes and plugins to cover the desired area.

Plug-in Placement

Our Blushield Plug-in has a 90 metre diameter field coverage (45m radius) for most homes or small offices. One Plug-in is enough for most single and double story homes. Install the Plug-in as central area inside your home or office, as the field of the Blushield goes clean through walls.

Portable Placement

Have the portable on your person, in your bag or near your body when working. The portable has a diameter coverage of 6m (3m radius) so it will cover more than 1 person if activities are in close proximity. Make sure your teens carry one when using the mobile phone or tablet especially if there is no plug-in model installed in the house or place visiting. This model is great for travel too and will reduce jetlag symptoms and travel sickness.

Home Placement

This space would apply to most modern open-plan living areas or homes. Place the Plug-in near the center of the house in a hallway so the field radiates outwards to occupy the space. Best results will be achieved if the Plug-in is away from bedrooms.

School Office Placement

In Schools or Offices the large area model or Cube is recommended to obtain optimal coverage. In this case 1 cube is enough. If the area is somewhat bigger several cubes maybe necessary. Plug the units in centralised hallways or work areas for the best results. Remember place the cube near the people as it is designed to protect them.

Apartment Placement

In a concrete apartment where walls are separated by concrete or block walls several plug-ins or cubes will be required. Concrete contains moisture and will absorb a certain amount of energy from the Blushield. Unlike the walls of a standard house where the field goes straight through plaster walls.

Portable Placement

1 portable per person is recommended although it will have some effect on those around you, best results are when the portable in on your person.Persons over the age of 12 can use a portable to protect themselves from ambient EMF anywhere. Under 12 years of age and/or a body mass under 50kg we recommend to use the Mini instead .

Portable Placement

Carry your Blushield on your body by placing it your back pocket or nearest your body. It will still have an effect if it is in your handbag, however against your body gets the best results.

Mini Placement

The Mini is ideal for small children and all children under the age of 12 unless body mass exceeds 50kg. Yes its good for your children and even though we see a lot of mums give the child a mobile phone to keep them occupied, it is not a good idea to expose young ones to radiation for lengthy periods.