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Welcome everyone to the summit deal we have for you at Blushield.

Select a product from our list and use the coupon code at the checkout to get an extra $100 off (summit100)*

Yes we are the number one EMF protection device on the planet to date, nothing comes close. Our technology is based on research by Tesla and our small group of engineers and researchers who have dedicated time and energy over the past 34 years to bring you the best protection your money can buy.

 Blushield is a powered device therefore strong enough to counter todays radiation exposure levels (including 5G) as Blushield can be amplified. Other passive type devices (stickers, pendants pyramids) that are not powered, cannot be amplified and do not meet the level of strength required to protect you from today’s EMF.

We at Blushield have evolved this technology further over 9 generations to what it has become today.

You can purchase the Blushield Plugin here and make sure to enter your correct daytime shipping address at the checkout.

There are only 1000 plugins available at this limited offer.

Make sure to check out our flagship range the new Premium Ultra and the Premium Cube.

*Coupon excludes premium products and does not include shipping or taxes


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